Ultimate funny clip compilation you’d never imagine


Feel tired after a long day’s work? Watch this crazy clip and prank compilation to have some fun and be relaxed!

In a clip, a big truck passes by. It carries an extraordinarily huge watermelon, which fills up the entire trunk! Watch the video and see if it is a real watermelon!

Now, you probably have played jump rope? But have you ever played “jump human”? Be amazed by how the guy jumps over a person again and again while he was swung around by a started standing dune buggy. And they seem to have fun!

Keeping going backward, a guy raises his hands, looking scared and begging for mercy: “Please! Please don’t kill me!” Then you hear “bang!” A gunshot! The man fell on the ground. Hearing successive gunshots, you see the man holding his head with hands, struggling. A passerby witnesses the scene. He is scared and immediately turns and runs away…. But it turns out that the bangs are produced by….