This Is Why Some People Have Those Little Holes Above Their Ears


Our body gets some malformations which are with us from our birth itself. One such issue which some people get is a tiny hole above their ear. This is a rare condition and occurs at the external ear. The condition is called pre-auricular sinus and effects tiny segment of the population globally. Scroll down to find the reasons behind this birth defect :

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A Rare Birth Defect



If you will look around, you will find some people, maybe some among your friends, colleagues or relatives with this condition.

They Are Right Above The Ear



These holes appear right above the ear, specifically where face and cartilage meet. These holes are referred as nodules or indents. These nodules appear to be odd and can be confused as body pierce.

These Indents Occur Among People Globally



In U.S. about 1% of its population has this hole. In Asia it is estimated that 5-9% of the population has it and in Africa about 10% of population has this condition.

Preauricular Sinuses



These nodules are scientifically termed as preauricular sinus and it’s a hereditary birth defect. According to ‘Business Insider’ Neil Shubin – an evolutionary biologist said that these nodules are could be “remnant of fish gills.” According to experts, if these holes get infected, they can be treated with help of antibiotics. However depending upon on a person’s condition, surgery can be required to remove the sinus.

There Is No Need To Panic



Experts suggest there is nothing to worry about if anyone has this condition and this is not a problematic health issue. However care must be taken that no jewellery is worn on these ear dents as this can cause infection and cause further problems to the ear.