The Way You Clench Your Fist Tells THIS About Your Personality


Body language always tells something or the other about you. You might have never thought about this, and you might be unaware that even clenching your fist could suggest something about your personality. The fist might be strange, but you can find out what your style suggests. Find out here:

Type 1

Balling up your fist with your thumb, resting against your index finger means you are very kind and not selfish, but there are people who can be taken advantage of you because of this. On the other hand, you also love to explore and learn, and have a spark in you which you must not lose!

Type 2

You are a creative person if you ball your fist with the thumb covering numerous other fingers. You have a good self-esteem, which constantly attracts people to you! But even though you are confident about yourself, you tend to be unsure when making bold decisions, as you fear that you might lose everything.

Type 3

If you hide your thumb inside your fingers, as the fist says you have inner peace and no one can bother you easily. Your charm and wit attracts many people and you are empathetic for others and their situations. One thing you need to learn is not letting others’ situations get you down completely.