The best whoosh bottle ever


What sounds like the blowback of a car, is actually a fantastic – and dangerous – chemical experiment. Do not repeat that at home!

It’s a really cool video published on Apr 30, 2016, that got recorded in Provo, Utah, USA.

The video shows some very nice slow burning followed by the sobbing at the end. Many combustible would work and perform likewise. The preferred agent may be is Acetone, since it has also a blue flame, but no smell.

A mixture of alcohol and air in a large polycarbonate bottle is ignited. The resulting rapid combustion reaction, often accompanied by a dramatic ‘whoosh’ sound and flames, demonstrates the large amount of chemical energy released in the combustion of alcohols.
A demonstration with a whoosh bottle typically requires careful preparation, with strict adherence to the conditions required by the a risk assessment that usually needs to be provided.

A single demonstration will take 5 – 10 minutes. Repeat demonstrations will require either the drying out of the reaction vessel used for the first demonstration or spare dry reaction vessels.