Strangest Unsolved World War II Mysteries


During the time of World War II, many
people have witnessed conflict and massacre across the world. It was a tragic
and critical event in history that restructured the world and impacted the
world’s population at large. As per the records, more than 80 million people,
both military and civilian, lost their lives due to the war that lasted from
1939 to 1945.

Throughout the wartime, there were many
strange incidents that transpired and many remained unsolved till date. No one
could ever find out the real cause behind such events. Here are some of the
strangest and quite baffling mysteries of World War II.

The Covert Death Of Subhas Chandra Bose


Subhas Chandra Bose was the leading light of the Indian Nationalists during World War II and confronted British rule by seeking support from both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. His mysterious death became the subject of debate.

As per the reports, on August 18, 1945, Mr. Bose and 12 other passengers and crew members of Japanese Air Force bomber took off for Tokyo. Soon after taking off, the plane crashed in Japanese Taiwan. The Japanese report his body was instantly recovered and incinerated. Many believe that those aren’t his ashes lay to rest in Tokyo and that Bose fled the war and was leading his life secretly. In 1999, one file was discovered that cited it was believed that in 1963 he was living covertly in Bengal. However, the government has snubbed to give any statement.

Who Turned In Anne Frank?


The tragic story of Anne Frank is almost known to everyone. She was a young German Jew, 15years old, living in hideouts with her family in Amsterdam at the time of the Nazi employment of the Netherlands. She and her family were seized by the Gestapo in 1944 and directed to the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp. Young Frank died and left behind her diary, which she wrote while living in the hideout. Her father, Otto Frank was able to stay alive and published her diary as an evidence of her life. What has remained mysterious all these years is exactly who cheated Gestapo and exposed the family’s hiding place?

The Disappearance of Flight 19


Flight 19 was a squad of five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers mainly involved in an exercise flight off the coast of Florida. The in charge of the flight Lt. Taylor stated that his compass was not working and that he couldn’t determine the flight’s position

The tower lost contact with the Mariner and the planes and all of the men vanished, six planes and 27 men altogether; all expected to be dead, but how? Initially, the blame was put on Lt. Taylor, but later on altered the official report to reveal the loss of planes to “Cause Unidentified.” No signs of bodies or the aircraft have been found till date. The mystery has only added links to the Bermuda Triangle tale.


WWII Ghost Planes


Did you ever hear about the WWII Ghost Planes? Well, these planes out of sudden lost in the action during the wartime. One common place where this was viewed is the scandalous Peak District in northern Derbyshire, in England. More than 50 planes have collided there and it has gained a standing for being a hotspot of ghost plane action. This classic ghost plane spotting had been documented quite a few times in England. However, no one could ever detect the real cause behind this. It still is a mystery whether these planes got lost in a dimensional gateway, doomed to continually fly in a time loop for infinity?

The Nazi Ghost Train


The folklore articulates that, in the last days of World War II, in April 1945, with Soviet forces fast impending, Nazi armed forces weighed down plunders onto a reinforced train in Breslau (now Wroclaw), Poland. The train left and lead west toward Waldenburg (these days Walbrzych). It was around a 40-mile (60-km) away and the train along with valuable cargo disappeared in the Owl Mountains. Over the years, many have tried to discover the mythical “ghost train,” but none have been successful so far.

The Pearl Harbor Ghost P-40


One of the most captivating ghost plane stories of World War II. P-40 fighter plane was hit by a bullet and collided near Pearl Harbor- does it really sound mysterious one? Well this plane was seen a year after the Japanese attack and, when probed, it was revealed that no body of the pilot was found in the cockpit.

As per the reports, the intercepting pilot alleged that the other pilot waved his hand at them shortly before P-40 fell on the ground and crashed. Rescue team were sent immediately, but there was no trace of the pilot. They did found a diary that indicated the plane was placed on the island of Mindanao, 1,300 miles away in the Pacific Ocean. If he was injured, then how did he endure in a tattered plane for a year? Without landing apparatus, how could he get off the plane? What exactly happened to his body? These questions are still been the unknown.

The Disappearance Of Raoul Wallenberg


Swedish entrepreneur Raoul Gustaf Wallenberg is regarded as a hero of World War II. He was a philanthropic who saved around 60,000 Jews from Nazi-captured Budapest in Hungary, facilitating them with bogus passports, food, medical cure, and accommodation. He was later on arrested on the grounds of spying. In 1945, suddenly Wallenberg disappeared from Soviets captivity. Later, the Soviets alleged that Wallenberg had died at Lubyanka Prison, 1947 due to heart failure.

As per records, the body was cremated without a post-mortem. In 1999, the Russian government decided to investigate the matter and it was concluded that he was given poison. Up till now, Soviet records still haven’t been unconfined clarifying precisely why he was held captive and why he had been executed.