President Donald Trump’s Limo ‘The Beast’ Is Loaded With Shotgun And Tear Gas


Donald Trump has finally become the 45th President of the United States. And so likely, after taking the oath, he gets two sets of keys: one for the White House and one for a brand new car. Yes, President Trump’s brand new limousine is creating the internet abuzz effortlessly.

Mr. Trump’s Cadillac One – nicknamed as ‘The Beast’, is the most upgraded version of the former president’s transportation. It carries an enormous amount of features to ensure the safety of the new ‘First Family’.

So, let’s have a look at the ultra-safe luxurious presidential state car.


Donald Trump – The 45th President of the United States
Trump’s Cadillac One Limo

Hence, the new state car, nicknamed as ‘The Beast’, has been designed to transport the President Donald Trump.
The armored car is the upgraded version of the former president’s transportation.
Trump’s Cadillac One Limo

The new limousine carries a lot many features. One being that it is covered with camouflage paint, unlike the previous vehicles.


It is designed with many safety features like bulletproof glass and armor plating.
Trump’s Cadillac One Limo

So, not only the car windows and doors are bulletproof but the tires as well. The tires are coated in Kevlar so as to protect them from bursting.
It even contains a shotgun, tear gas cannons, and bottles of President’s blood type.
Trump’s Cadillac One Limo

Everything is designed to withstand bullets, chemicals or any other attacks. All of the windows are completely sealed except for the driver’s side (for letting him pay the tolls).
Concealed in the trunk are oxygen supply and firefighting system.
Trump’s Cadillac One Limo

If in the case the outside air becomes toxic then the oxygen supply system could be used to pump fresh air in the cabin to the president.
The vehicle also carries…
Trump’s Cadillac One Limo

Night vision cameras, GPS tracking, and a satellite communication system so as to make sure that the President is always in contact.
The car designed is so heavy that Mr. Trump himself wouldn’t be able to open the doors.
Trump’s Cadillac One Limo

It is thought to be much like Mr. Obama’s car which weighed eight tons and was known as a ‘Caddy on a tank frame’.
It’s not the first custom-made Cadillac for Donald Trump.
Trump’s Cadillac One Limo

In 1988, the car manufacturer made him a 5.0-liter limo with a fax machine, TV and VCR.