Jim Carrey: The Man Who Hides His Deepest Miseries Behind Those Goofy Smiles


If you’d ask anyone what is a comedy? Then there are individual names which people would throw at you. Some would say, Charlie Chaplin, while some would prefer Robin Williams. And then some people say, Jim Carrey.

We all know about Charlie Chaplin and his famous dialogue: “To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it.”

We are also aware of the fact that the most talented stand-up comedian turned actor Robin Williams took his life in his California home by hanging himself, but how come he forgot his own words of wisdom? “You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

And then there’s Jim Carrey who rose to fame for his exceptional comic genius and a tremendous ability to make even a dead man laugh. What forced him to quote again and again that, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

Apart from being a comic actor, there’s something very very common between these three, can you guess what’s that? Well, you may not.

It is often said that the person could be sad if he laughs out loud and hard even at the silliest joke in this world, but have you ever thought the one who cracked the joke might also be feeling miserable inside? All these legendary comedians of their times have definitely made people around the world laugh, but all of them have fought a battle inside, Depression.

We’ve already lost Chaplin and Robin Williams to depression.

Jim Carrey depression

But Jim Carrey, this man is made up of some different soil. He not only overcame it but killed it with his will to succeed and gifted talent.

But the funniest man on the earth still hides some deepest mysteries inside his heart.

But the funniest man on the earth still hides some deepest mysteries inside his heart.

Quite early in his life, at the age of 16, when most of the people were busy shopping for their favourite toys and stuff; he had lost his home and used to sleep in a Volkswagen van. The poor financial condition forced him to leave the thing he loved the most that time, studies.


He is known to pull off some unconventional comic acts.

Jim Carrey comic face

“I don’t believe in limitations; I think they exist only in the minds of people.”

At the age of 10, he tried getting a role in a television show because he thought he was the master of mimicry but failed drastically. After working in certain jobs, he finally decided to focus entirely on working as a stand-up comedian. His dad took him to Toronto, where he managed to perform an act at comedy club Yuk Yuk’s, but failed drastically again.

Slowly his financial condition improved, his family moved into new home, and Jim worked upon polishing his act and continued stand-up comedy which earned him a reputation of a fantastic stand-up comedian and the tag of ‘a man who never quits’ over the process.

Finally, God was now tired of disappointing Jim!

Jim Carrey life story

1994 became the best year of his life when his three films (Ace Ventura, The Mask, And Dumb and Dumber) performed exceptionally well. Who’d have thought then about the exceptional success he was about to achieve?

A poor guy who used to play at the comic club to earn his living by mimicking other stars became a star himself.

Everything he did, just added more followers and fans to his bucket.

Everything he did, just added more followers and fans to his bucket.

“There’s no such thing called… as destiny.” 

And just when he started overcoming from oceans of depression, he was dragged in again. He suffered two broken marriages, failed relationships and some controversies that come complimentarily when you become a Hollywood star and a global icon.

By this time Jim was quite sure that ‘Misery Loves Comedy’.

By this time Jim was quite sure that 'Misery Loves Comedy'.

His ex-girlfriend, Catherine White committed suicide a few days after their break-up. When she died, nothing officially abided Jim to Catherine’s family, but he chose to be with them through tough times.

While all of this was going on in his life, he portrayed every character with the intensity that no other actor could match.

No doubt he pulled off the challenging roles ‘on-screen’, but how did he manage to get up from all that which happened off-screen?