Husky puppy talks like a baby


The husky puppy is so eager to explain something to its owner that it starts to talk!

Looking at another dog in the room, the puppy begins its high-pitched yapping sounds like a baby. It looks at its owner and ‘talks’ more while struggling to break free from her arm.

It was reacting to being told off after eating the other dog’s food, according to the Huffington Post.

The neighbor’s dog on the ground howls at the puppy to protest the puppy’s ‘theft behavior.’ So the puppy is eager to explain why it has done so. It’s babbling on: I had no idea it was your food. I did not mean to eat your food…

Unfortunately, either its owner or the other dog can understand what he’s talking about. So the puppy breaks free from its owner’s arms and jumps to the ground. It probably wants to explain face to face. But my baby, please wait until you can bark or howl as a dog, or your neighbor can never understand you!