How You Shake Hands Reveals Your Secrets


Did you know that our gestures reflect something or the other thing about our persona? The way we walk, our facial expression, and a handshake- all these things divulge something about us. Today, we will be discussing some facts about what does our way of shaking hand with another person reveals about us.

So, here we go:

The Clammy Palms Handshake


Clammy palms point out that you are feeling a bit nervous at that point of time and perhaps will end up creating an unpleasant feeling in the mind of the person with whom you are shaking hands with.

The lifeless fish


Of all the handshakes, this is the nastiest one. There is no vigour in this kind of handshake and there isn’t any cordiality either. Make sure you always avoid this type of handshake at any cost.

The brush off


This one is pretty speedy. The other person doesn’t get the feel of doing a handshake with you and they feel as if you are doing it for the sake of politeness.

The Two Handed Shake


This sort of handshake articulates a great deal. It represents faith, trustworthiness, alliance and admiration. However, if while shaking hand, the person’s hand touches your forearm or elbows or even the wrist, that clearly indicates they are expecting something out of you.

The Controller


Some people who usually tend to grab your hand and try to guide it the way they wish to are considered to the controllers and they wish to control your moves.

The Finger Touch


When someone takes hold of your fingers, it evidently means only one thing – they prefer to keep you at a distance.

The Bone Crusher


People who hold your hand way to tightly while shaking hands are considered to be bone crushes who only want to demonstrate how firm they are and if you counter to the handshake as muscularly, they might instantly like you!

The Lobster Claw


This is how a lobster claw appears like, thus it is inescapable that they shake hands very gauchely. They are a bit timid and perhaps need more time to be comfortable with you.

The Top Handed Handshake


This person feels bigger than you and while shaking hand they will often make an attempt to show you what exactly they feel about you.

The Distant Handshake


There are people out there who really feel more comfortable keeping at a safe distance from anyone they come across- up until they get to know you better. So, it’s always wise to help them by giving the required space and time.