Lipstick is one product that can give any girls look that perfect finishing touch. This is beauty product that is always there in every girl’s vanity bag. With millions of shades are available with different textures, it is confusing to choose a shade which is best for your skin tone.

Often women do not know what colour of lipstick suits them the best and make an impulsive purchase. To select a perfect shade of lipstick, it is best to follow one owns skin tone and see which suits you, here a quick guide on how to choose one:

Step One: Try Testers


Almost all good quality brands offer testers. Try these on the back of your hand, as the skin tone of your face is most similar to back of your hand.

Step Two: Choose Matte Finish


Always choose matte finish lipsticks while picking your lipsticks. The pigment of matter finish is better as they bring out the colour on lips same it is in the tube. Another advantage is they are not too sticky or messy.

Step Tree: Follow Shade Card


Most stores, selling lipsticks will offer the shade cards, choose the shade which is will suit your skin tone the most. If you are unable to decide on your own, take advice from the makeup experts.

Shades According To Skin Tone:


  1. Fair or light skin: Pinkish red or coral. Try out bold colours.
  2. Tan or medium skin: Reds, orange reds and wine colours
  3. Deep skin: Blue based red, metallic ruby red, burgundy, deep wine
  4. Beige Complexion: Shades of pink & red
  5. Olive: Nude, Orange, pink, red-almost all colours work on olive complexion.
  6. Bronze Complexion: N*de & bold shades.

Additional Tips:


  1. Try lipsticks in natural light
  2. Use lip balms to protect your lips, used balms as base coat
  3. Drink water throughout the day to keep your lips hydrated