Funny dogs playing in mud


It’s impossible to count all the ways our sweet puppy pals can make messes during their adorable little lives. Nothing is safe from their playful paws…and they never really seem to grow out of it.

But it’s hard to be mad at them when they stare back at you with those big, round eyes. Even when those eyes are more difficult to see behind all the dirt and mud.

1. “Mud? What mud?”

(Reddit: pinktigers)

2. “Oh, puddle. Nobody understands me like you do.”


3. “I have to say, I’m feelin’ pretty pleased with this new coat.”

(Reddit: louiebaur)


(Reddit: x_x_x_x)

5. “I swear, I only gave it a sniff!”

(Reddit: Zenigata)

6. “Look. Look at this paw. COVERED in glorious mud.”

(Reddit: Tatertot5)

7. “I never feel more handsome than I do after rolling in a good mud puddle.” 

(Reddit: davegolunka)

8. “I am proud of my muddy belly and regret nothing!”

(Reddit: mhmyess)

9. “Mud really does make for the best facials.”

(Reddit: holybatjunk)

10. “Wait, what do you mean you don’t want a smooch??” 

(Reddit: jthornel)

Just remember, pups: For every mud party, there’s probably gonna be a squeaky clean bath!

(Reddit: JunkintheBattleTrunk)