Favorable sunshine gives Germans early asparagus harvest


Asparagus season kicked off early this year in Germany. Farmers benefited from intense sunshine that helped fill fields with mature asparagus.

German farmer Peter Lipp talked about his hopes for the season.

“On March 13 we found the first asparagus but it was only one so it wasn’t really worth it. But now, thanks to the intense sunshine there is a lot of high quality asparagus. If the season continues the way it has started I expect a very good season. But whether that will be the case you always only know when it’s over.”

Germans favor the white kind of asparagus. It grows deeper in the soil than the green kind. During the asparagus harvest season, people sell fresh asparagus from temporary stalls, and restaurants offer many asparagus-based dishes.

Farmer Lipp also touted the dietary benefits of the vegetable.

“Asparagus contains very little carbohydrate. It contains vitamins and minerals and roughage and those who now eat asparagus will have the perfect bikini figure this summer.”