Cat Slides on Ice Trying to Catch Fish Swimming Below… Super Funny!


Watch video:

We all know that felines love to chase anything that’s small and moves fast. There is just something about these fast moving objects that these animals simply can’t resist.  But when it comes to one cat in particular, he seems to be chasing something very funny.

As you can see in this very comical video the cat is standing on top of what appears to be a frozen over fish pond.  This feline has his eyes fixed under the thick sheet of ice trying to see what keeps moving so quickly.  Each time the fish in the pond change locations the cat simply can’t stop himself from trying to chase them.

The fish move quickly to avoid the looming cat that is shadowing them from above.  They swim round and round and the cat slides all over the icy pound.  This is truly funny to watch and we all know that the cat will never be able to get the fish from under the ice but he doesn’t seem to know that. As he races back and forth, the fish are just too fast for him and he loses traction almost falling over. This clumsy animal is a real joy to watch running around on the pond.

It really is something watching this naughty cat trying to catch these fish.  I wonder if his feet are getting cold on the very icy surface of the pond?  It’s amazing how the pond is frozen over and the fish underneath seem to be just fine.  They appear to be large gold fish and they are very active even in the frigid waters.

Once the pond thaws out I bet these fish will be carefully hiding from this cat.  I wonder if his owner will allow him around the pond in the summer time?

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