Brave Dog Dies After Saving Seven People From Earthquake Rubble


Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and at times, they also act as our saviors, putting their own life on the line for our sake.
In a tragic turn of events, the four-year-old white Labrador named Dayko courageously gave up his own life to save the lives of seven people.

Dayko worked at the Ibara Fire Station in Ecuador as a rescue dog for three and a half years. He was described by his co-rescuers as a hard-working, loving, and loyal companion.

Unfortunately, he passed away from severe exhaustion after rescuing seven people from the devastating earthquake in Ecuador last April 16.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake buried a lot of people under piles of rubble, and Dayko had been searching and rescuing them for several days.

Dayko displayed an amazing act of heroism, but his exploits came with a heavy price. He suddenly collapsed. Veterinarians did their best to save him but were unable to revive the dog. According to the fire station’s Facebook post, Dayko’s death was caused by massive coronary myocardial infarction and acute respiratory failure.

Still grieving over their colleague’s death, workers at the Ibara Fire Station said, “This four-legged friend gave his life in the line of duty,” and thanked the Labrador for his heroic deeds.

According to the staff, Dayko was able to create a very solid bond with Alex Yela, his handler. He was also known for his unbelievable charisma and good sense of smell.

Dayko was given a proper burial and his fellow rescuers gave him a major sendoff to give thanks for his amazing service.

Dayko proved to be every bit of a hero to his teammates and to the people he saved. It just goes to show how far our canine companions will go to save our lives.

Rest Peacefully in Doggy Heaven Dayko!