Boston Dynamics ‘Handle’ has both legs and wheels, but can execute “humanlike” nimbleness


Most robots have either wheels or legs, but “Handle” is not “most robots”. The newest development from robot manufacturer Boston Dynamics does look somehow human, but it has wheels instead of feet.

The combination of legs and wheels may seem like a step in the wrong direction, yet it isn’t. “Handle” has apparently no problems finding the proper balance, it’s movements seem graceful and nimble. It may remind you of an ice skater, but this robot can achieve things no other robot has yet, to date.

Handle is about 6.5 feet high and can jump objects as high as 4 feet. Not only does it jump, it can land on it’s wheel with ease and continue its task. At just under 10 mph Handle is quite fast as well, not only for indoor surfaces, but on snowy slopes as well.

Earlier Boston Dynamics prototypes include “Atlas”, a humanoid robot able to walk and work like a human at decent speeds, and “Spot”, a robotic dog able to take strong hits without falling over. Similar to it’s brethren, “Handle” is battery poweredand has a range of about 15 miles with a single charge.