Bold eye makeup makes every girl look pretty and it is always in the trend. Do you know how to wear it? You must e well-aware as it remains in fashion all through the seasons. It is common to see models and celebrities
wearing bold eye makeup and now the trend is up with every woman living who is into makeup. This makeup trick is not a rocket science and you would not be able to master the art of this
eye makeup that easily.

Here’s a guide for you if you wish to follow the trend
and make every guy lose his mind when he looks into your eyes:

Step 1


You need to start off by applying a primer at the base of eye shadow area.

Step 2


Next you have to apply the eye liner above your lashes and you need to use a thick pencil to apply it as thin would not do.

Step 3


Now you have to draw a leaf like shape between your lashes and eye shadow area.

Step 4


Look closely to the area and you need to fill it using your eye liner.

Step 5


Next you apply the eyeliner to the lower lashes and cover them using a mascara. You could also apply glitter to decorate and complete the look.

Here is a complete video you could watch to know how to.