8 Rich And Famous People Who Were Once Homeless

Celebrities are people we often look up to and dream to be. We want to have their lives, that is,  power, fame, influence, and money. But what we do not know that some of them have a past that we don’t have even close. They say after dusk, comes the dawn, which is exactly what happened with these celebrities. The celebrities listed below were even homeless at one point of time.

Hillary Swank

The “million dollar baby” is one of the talented actresses in the industry today and her estimated net worth is $40 million. But, in the early ’90s, she and her mother moved to Los Angeles and had to sleep in a car before she started her acting career.

Halle Berry

She is the first and only African-American woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in a leading role, but she in her past, has suffered two failed marriages and even did a suicide attempt. Along with it she was homeless before she started acting.

Charlie Chaplin

The king of comedy and the most famous actor of twentieth century, had a tough time as a kid as his father died when he was quite young and his mother was also hospitalized. Chaplin had to work and sleep on the cold streets of London even before he turned ten.

Kelly Clarkson

This amazing singer and the “Original American Idol,” who has gained immense success after winning the reality TV contest, but before that Clarkson spent a lot of time trying hard and being homeless and she lived in car or in shelters.


He had a different music and it was discovered that it was inspiration from his own struggles only. When he had moved to New York City, he was struck with poverty, homelessness and lack of food. Then, he released the gold hit “Loser,” which became a smash hit on MTV and the singer got out from his misery.

Daniel Craig

He made over $20 million from his last James Bond movie, Skyfall, and he admitted in an interview how awful situations he has faced. He has even slept on park benches while trying to make it big as an actor.

Steve Jobs

The co-founder, former chairman, and CEO of Apple Incwas indeed once homeless and broke. Unbelievable, right? Maybe that’s why the cell phones are that expensive! He had no dorm room as a student and had to sleep on the floor in friends’ rooms.

Jennifer Lopez

This superstar who is an excellent singer and actor, who is now a fashion icon and a role model for girls all around the globe used to sleep on a sofa in her dance studio as she had fights with her mom quite often.