15 Years Later: Unknown Facts About 9/11


On the morning of September 11th, approximately 3 hours before tragedy hit, the machine prophesied a potentially devastating event that would befall sometime that day. While the machine itself cannot forecast what accurately that means, we all know what transpired next.

Hijacker Stayed In the Motel that was across the Street from NSA

One of the tragic ironies of the shattering events of September 11th was that the hijackers stayed too close to the NSA (aka National Security Agency) who was responsible for protecting Global and National safety.

The first date of bombing the First World Trade Centre wasn’t the same

Well, 11th Sep was not the first date that an attack was coordinated against the World Trade Centre towers. The actual plan had been for the intimidation to be serious enough to collapse the first tower, which they supposed would tip over and smash the second one.

Footage Of Pentagon Attack Kept Top-secret

With no dearth of scheming ideas twirling around closely every facet of the numerous attacks of September 11th, it won’t be startling that one of the major pieces of ammunition conspiracies plotted against the American government is the suppression of the footage of the Pentagon attacks.

Steve Buscemi Helped FDNY

Steve Buscemi before joining the acting world used to work as a fire-fighter in New York City. In the repercussion of September 11th, Buscemi resumed to his old rendezvous and supported the FDNY in sorting through the wreckage of the World Trade Centre in the hopes of rescuing survivors.

$100 Million In Art Was Wrecked

Near about $100 million in valuable artwork was devastated, including the orange sculpture (above) curated by Alexander Calder, a collection of Rodin sculptures, works by Picasso and pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and a tapestry by Joan Miró has been lost forever.

Canada put into act “Operation Yellow Ribbon” wherein they took in 255 side-tracked flights from the United States. This was done for the safety of civilians, but also to free up the American airspace as quickly as possible in order to ensure that no other flights had been diverted.

Alcohol Consumption Soared By 25%

As per the reports, there was a significant increase in the consumption of alcohol as the devastating and stressful event left people mourning for long.

Al-Qaeda Primarily Targeted Nuclear Plants

Approximately one year to the day of the September 11th attacks, Al Jazeera released a special interview with Khaled al-Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi bin al-Shaibah, who were supposed to be the frontrunners of Al-Qaeda at the time. The duos not only discoursed the events about where the disenchanted United 93 flight was ordained (the Capital, Washington), but publicized that their original targets were nuclear plants across the country. The cause they decided not to go with that plan was that they were afraid things had gone out of the hand. It could have worldwide impact due to the explosion of the nuclear plant.

Just 16 Survivors Found In Wreckage

During the sorting through the debris in the forthcoming days, barely sixteen people were survived the devastating attack. Among these survivors around 12 were firemen, 1 bookkeeper, 1 office temp, 1 engineer and 1 port authority cop. Lucky people!!

Fires Finally Stopped 100 Days Later

In late December 2001, the concluding fires at the World Trade Centre ultimately ended.