12 Strangest New Year Traditions Around The World


Once again New Year is near and everybody is talking about Christmas and New Year celebration. Everyone celebrate festivals according to their tradition, some chose to enjoy food with their family and some choose to party hard with their friends. Many of you are not aware that there are many traditions blossoming around the world around the New Year’s first day.

People try to follow their ways in the best possible manner they can. Few of them are so strange that you will be shocked on a guarantee. So, scroll down to have look on the complete list of old traditions around the globe.

Effigy burning, Panama

It is the strange one as statue of anyone who is famous is burned as a way to start the New Year with good hope.

First-Footing, Scotland

Here is an amazing one the first person to enter in a home crossing threshold should carry a gift.

Great balls of fire, Scotland

It is again scary as they have a tradition to walk in streets of New Year’s Eve while swinging blazing balls of fire around.

Colored underwear’s, South Africa

Here the colour of underwear determine the luck, golden means wealth, white means peace and red means love.

Red underwear, Turkey

Nothing can be better than this to surprise your love one. In New Year days, red lingerie is available in the streets and sells out fast.

108 Rings, Japan

In Japan they ring bell 108 times continuously to bring luck in New Year.

Furniture disposal, South Africa

It is bit weird as in some places of South Africa they throw some furniture like chair and table out of their home.

Underwater tree planting, Siberia.

It is a tradition, in which people cut a whole under ice water and do diving.


In India it is believed that what you will do on first day of New Year, you will continue the activity whole year so most of them do good things on first day of New Year.

Animal whispering, Romania

OMG, they try to talk with their cow, and if they got succeeded, it means they will have bad luck whole year.

High jump, Denmark.

First they climb on the chairs then they jump to enter the year of good luck! Strange!

Talc smearing, Thailand

They throw a bucket full of water and they smear gray talc

Cemetery sleepover, Chile

Scary one! In Chile, people spend their New Year night in the company of their deceased ones by sleeping at the cemetery.